F a n c y - C o l o u r - A s s e t s
F a n c y   -   C o l o u r   -   A s s e t s

Cushion 1.30 FDYB  I1




Rough Diamond.  Octaeder.

White Diamonds - Fancy Colour Diamonds - Rough Diamonds.


What ever you need, we find the right one.



G I A   safe  box


Serious and trustful Institute verify the diamonds and made a certificate..


You get all importend facts with the certificate.


Much more than the "4 c" as :

Carat, colour, clarity, and cut. 




F a n c y  -  C o l o u r  -  A s s e t s :


+ No bank acounts. 

+ No tax from value profit in your country.

+ A Investment with emotions.



Beautiful places for special Investments. Zurich lake.

Good atmosphere to find your right diamond - portfolio.


Pink diamonds from the Argyl mine
We can set your diamonds, exact after your special imagination.


The fair price from our diamonds result, because we trade without expensive jeweller shops.


If we have found the right portfolio for you, we can make the trade in the secure and free tax area at the airport zurich - kloten.



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